Online B2B Marketing & Linkedin

SEO/SEM are not only means of marketing in B2B market; there are also some other channels. Linkedin is the most popular one, where 94% persons in branch search for information, contractors, services helpful in business. ASANDA creates strategies and content, implements it, and communicates on social media.

Have you heard about Linkedin but have no idea how to get down to it?
We specialize in profile creation which is the main medium of brand’s content. We create long term content based strategies so the voice of your company and your experts is well heard and noticed.

Do you run a business and see the need for implementation of the new tools such as CRM or CMS to increase sales? But you don’t know which solution to choose? Thanks to our experience, we will help you to choose the proper technological solutions matched to the requirements and needs of your company.

Supporting B2B organizations’ online growth

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